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We’ve grown to work in 10 languages across 100 countries, making technology better for 1000s of people.

Independent IT distributor of networking hardware

With more than 75 years of combined sales experience

100% tailored hardware solutions

Choosing from a wide range of refurbished and new equipment

In BE Networks, we actively support the circular economy

Re-usable waste – minimum footprint

  • Buying, Selling & Leasing

  • Asset Recovery Service

  • Repairing Valuable Tech

  • Processing Pre-owned & Excess stock

  • Providing New & Refurbished tech products

  • Logistic Services


We’re the only IT experts to recognise that it’s better for everyone if we don’t offer the latest brand‐new technologies. Instead, we deliver completely tailored services for your team via supremely durable high‑quality refurbished systems with renewed life‑cycles. Our tech is A-Grade quality, because our international ISP and Communications partners replace their products so early that we can deliver young, high‑quality tech at completely unique prices, with flexible buy‑back options, next‑day delivery and lifetime warranties. That means excellent tech for you, at budget-friendly costs.


    We’re the alternative IT company that brings total transparency: what we’ve been able to do in the past, what we can offer you for the future, and expert knowledge of the product itself.


    We don’t stop until the customer has what they need. We’ll find the products you want and deliver them with next–day delivery and lifetime warranties.We want you to know we’ll help you every step of the deal.


    Sometimes, the IT products you want seem hard to find, if not impossible. But what if we could not only find them, but could supply them as part of a bespoke solution to your exact IT needs?
    BE Networks will always offer tailored solutions and service to every customer’s requirements.


BE Networks has a whole process that no other IT company comes close to matching.

A unique, 100% completely anti-static ESD processing

of all our products, logistics and transportation, from our shoes and gloves to our racks and carts, maintaining their quality in a way only BE Networks can.

A detailed physical inspection

of every product, grading them on a three-point scale.

Every product tested

by our certified engineers – final by it’s own test report, including a last physical check, and if in stock for long time, the same thorough test update will be made.

BE Networks-developed Korrvu packaging

to maintain our vital ESD protection.

Thanks to our fully stocked warehouse

we can offer fast delivery (often next-day) on thousands of products across the world.

Customer care

means we’ll keep you posted on the process and delivery of your order, with your own personal account manager in case you have any queries.

Recycling is important to us

all our waste is separated or re-used, to keep our footprint as small as possible.




Offering the right  future-proof network backbone to support a combination of primary and high schools, with a limited budget.

  • Analysis of customer’s special needs
  • Conclusion: small budget + basic technological needs  refurbished, high-end equipment
  • Avoiding the expensive solution of offering new equipment
  • Minimizing cost by choosing a low-cost solution from our stock
  • Shipping and handling, on-site installation

By offering the previous-range Catalyst 6500 equipment, these schools could afford a redundant solution with on-site spare parts for maintenance and still have budget left to deploy a first range of class rooms with wireless internet.


Educate a customer with huge market power to approach a cost-efficient purchasing strategy.

  • Comprehension of the special boundaries due to global contracts and logistics
  • Analysis of customer’s complicated purchasing procedures
  • Consulting the decision makers on different hierarchy levels within the hierarchy of the company
  • Suggestion of a customized maintenance contract, including immediate replacement support

Our customer ended up saving 30% of their budget by outsourcing their spare parts management to BE Networks.


Upgrading the whole network infrastructure of a 6-floor building – Project was already blocked by management due to high cost.

  • Discussion with the customer: offer from regular distribution, needs and expectations
  • Analysis within the BE Networks team: consultation of our IT engineers and comparison between possible solutions
  • Design of the whole network: from servers till access points
  • Suggestion of tailored solution based on specifications needed, available stock and budget limitations

Our high-end, refurbished solution matched perfectly the client’s expectations in terms of budget, quality and warranty.


Offering a customized solution among Cisco IP phones, to upgrade from the previous 7900 series.

  • Buy-back of the 7900-series IP phones to boost customer’s budget
  • Avoiding the obvious -and expensive- solution of the official replacement of the model (7800 series)
  • Deeper discussion with the customer to understand their exact needs (technical and financial)
  • Offer a solution that included the SPA504G IP phones, which with a small configuration, could perform up to the customer’s needs, within their budget
  • Configuration of the SPA504G IP phones and shipment to Greece

By understanding our customer’s needs, the BE Networks team was able to offer a 100% customized solution to them.


Global roll-out of Cisco routers, for standardization of locations world-wide.

  • Budget fit for a combination of 120 routers within the 2900- & 3900-series of Cisco equipment
  • Hardware configuration of all routers (memory upgrades & module inclusion)
  • Software configuration of all routers (Remote cooperation with integrator for license loading & customization)
  • Label tagging & individual packaging for all locations
  • Shipping and clearance for 20+ locations in North & South America, APAC & EMEA

By choosing BE Networks as the one-stop shop for this project, not only they saved more than 20% overall cost, but they also did not have to worry about the operational aspect of the project.

“The goods have arrived and everything works perfectly – thank you for the super quick service and the excellent shipping and handling!”

Rink, IT Manager

“I have to say that after several months I can assure that the gear had no problems whatsoever and I’m really happy with the order and all your kind attention. I’d like to add that all boxes were well packed up and protected when they got here. So my opinion overall is great, and that’s why I would like to ask for a quote again”

Ruben, Procurement Manager

“We just received the goods and everything looks great. Thank you for the fast shipping and service! We will stay in touch!”

Giorgia, Purchasing Director

“Always a pleasure doing business with BE Networks. Fast delivery and some of the best prices in the market. Great job!”

Vasilis, Network Engineer