In BE Networks we are committed to support our community and our people, by sponsoring several activities both on international and local level. Whenever possible, we get actively involved in the planning, execution and follow-up of the activities to help maximizing the impact.

Our sponsorship activities are primarily focused on awareness-raising about circular economy and support of local team sports. Examples of activities range from kids sports camps to professional sailing teams and from field hockey clubs to business incubators.

Here are our main sponsorships for 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce our Partnership between BE Networks & Finn Sailing Belgium.The Finn is a modern single handed dinghy equipped with a flexible carbon wing mast providing excellent trim possibilities and therefore allowing a wide range of people to sail it, i.e. people in the weight category ranging from 85 up to 110kg and the age category between 18 & 88 years old.

The Finn was born from the hands of Swedish canoe designer called Rickard Sarby in 1949 as his entry in a design competition to select a new monotype dinghy for the 1952 Olympics Games in Helsinki, Finland. Whatever else he was thinking on that day, he cannot have imagined that sailors across the whole world would still be enjoying and racing the same design almost 70 years later.

In 2020 unfortunately the Finn sailed her last Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan and this for the 18th time! Therefore it can proudly be called the longest serving dinghy in the Olympics.

In January 2017 “Finn Class Belgium” was set up as a non-profit organization with as primary goal to support, unite & promote Finn Sailing & Racing for Belgian Sailors both on National as International level. The organization currently exists of about 40 paid-up members from various sailing clubs spread across Belgium (Galgenweel, Spuikom, Gavermeer and Maas). Members of Finn Sailing Belgium participate in various National & International Regattas. For the full calendar, please consult their website.

BE Networks has a circular model in which they offer their clients Sustainable IT solutions. Finn Sailing Belgium also highly values the Sustainable Development Goals introduced by the UN Generally assembly and every aspect of them. With the sole and only form of propulsion being wind combined with manpower, Dinghy Sailing is a very environmental friendly sport with zero CO2-emission after all.

As such, a new concept was born which would symbolize both organizations ideology, i.e. the “Antwerp Sustainability Sailing Cup”.“Powered by nature, serious sailing, serious fun!”

The first edition of this Cup already took place 12 & 13th of March 2022. Further information can be found on the website.

Braxgata is a field hockey club based in Boom, Belgium. The club was founded in 1979 and counts more than 1200 members, 3 hockey pitches and 1 wonderful mascot named Braximus. Both the men’s and women’s 1st team participate in the 1st National League of Belgium (Honor Division) with several championships and great placements over the years.

The most acknowledged member of the club is Loick Luypaert, who is the captain of the men’s team and member of the Belgian National team aka Red Lions (World Champions 2018).

FC Lisse was founded in 1981 and is based in Lisse, The Netherlands. The club is playing on the highest amateur level since 1989, has been crowned champion three times and counts more than 1300 members.

Their jersey color is yellow and blue, which is in accordance with the city flag. Lisse is located in the bulb region (Bollenstreek), a very well-known football area for Dutch amateur football.
This is partly due to the many derbies that are played in this region but also the public interest for the matches.

There are famous football players that started their career at FC Lisse, who later became professional such as Barry Opdam (former AZ and Dutch National Team player/ 8 caps) and Edwin de Graaf (former NAC, ADO, Feyenoord). FC Lisse is also socially involved, where they work together with the charity Support Casper that does research for pancreatic cancer.

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