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Our Story

  • 2008

    BE Networks was founded in Brussels

  • 2010

    First Asset Recovery contract with international ISP company

  • 2013


  • 2016


  • 2017

    Yearly turnover reaches 10M

BE Networks offers you a great solution to the overkill of tech assets on the market, while we provide high-end products — Cisco, Juniper, and many more — within affordable, smart solutions and a responsible footprint.
And we don’t just sell the products and leave – we’ve always partnered with our customers to form long‑term working relationships. We want you to benefit from our service, our unique processes and our expertise for a long time to come.

Plus the planet can be a little grateful too, since we support the circular economy and keep quality assets in use, rather than ending up as landfill.
A future with excellent tech,in budget, and with great partnerships? We can all be happy with that.









Our Team

“The word “impossible” is not in his dictionary.”

Martijn Kamerman

Director of Supply Chain & Partnerships

“His first successfully completed task within BE Networks, back in 2010, was the assembling of his own desk.”

Thomas Helsen

Sales & Marketing Director

“Organizing freak, sushi lover, globetrotter with a little twist.”

Gladys van Nuffel

Operations Manager

“Fitness freak who loves Greek yoghurt and bad haircuts.”

Joery Jacobs

Purchasing Supervisor

“Marketing nerd, coffee addict. Always complaining about the Belgian weather.”

Antonis Kontakis

Marketing Manager

“1st national division hockey player. Cappuccino lover.”

Christophe Adriaensen

Account Manager & Team leader

“He has already planned vacation for 2023. Ibiza is his middle name.”

Maarten Withofs

Account Manager & Team Leader

“Brazilian trying Portuguese accent. She saw snow for the first time in 2017.”

Barbara Araujo

Account Manager (Portugal)

“Body and soul in Belgium, mind in Africa. إذا كنت تستطيع قراءة هذا، ثم أنا الشخص المناسب للاتصال”

Ali Aassoum

Account Manager (Africa, UK)

“Professional football player, sales passionate and full-time dad.”

Thierry Monteny

Account Manager (Netherlands)

“Went to France to learn French, UK to learn English and Belgium to learn how to drink beer. Failed in all three”

Marcos Restegui

Account Manager (Spain, Luxemburg)

"Former football referee with a passion for Italian wines. Sommelier in the making."

Romeo Paun

Account Manager (Italy)

“After travelling for nearly 3 years, in 5 different continents, only BE Networks could challenge him. He believes that jet-lag is for amateurs.”

Thomas Van Nuffelen

Account Manager (Belgium, Luxembourg)

"German with British and Greek origins. Tries to brighten up the world with bad dad jokes"

Christopher Weir

Account Manager DACH

“Crazy yoga lover and poetry writer. Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

Giorgiana Andrei

Sales & Marketing Support

"A travelling foodie who gets "fluffy" in the process"

Mitchell Follon

Web Sales and Support

“Loves sports but doesn't go further than watching. Living life by the rules of carpe diem”

Nick Lafourche

Account Manager (Belgium)